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Conference on National Defense Science and Technology

Handling matters related to the conference.

Research Projects

Handling research projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of National Defense(MND).

Patents maintenance and promotion

 Handling the matters related to patent application, maintenance and technology transfer and international invention exhibition.

Journal of Chung Cheng Institute of Technology


Handling the editorial and publish issues of JCCIT.

Consultation Service for Civil

Engineering in MND

Handling administrative support for the Northern District Advisory

Group of the civil engineering in MND (holding conference and workshop, consultation service,etc.)

International Academic Exchanges

and Cooperation

Handling international academic exchanges and cooperation programs or research and development activities and international scholars' visits and other related businesses.

Test and Evaluation of Weapon Systems

Cooperate with MND to conduct test and evaluation related operations.

Research Results Consolidation

Consolidating the compilation of research results in CCIT.

Integrated Circuit Process Technology

Training Course

 Handling administrative tasks(registration for training courses, etc.)

Talent database

Establishing and maintaining a library of teachers' talents in CCIT.

Research Building Management

Responsible for the Research Building site management and facility maintenance and access control.