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list Educational Mission
(1) Carrying through the “Reinforcing the Management and Employment of the Technical       Manpower.” policy proposed by Executive Yuan.
(2) Enhancing the development of national defense technology, carrying out the “Cultivating the National Defense Industry in the Civil Businesses” theory.
(3) Constructing an independent national defense system.
list Objective
(1) Constructing students’ proper recognition of national security and affairs.
(2) Encouraging students to understand the relationship between technology and warfare, and completing the national defense technology developing system.
(3) Cultivating students’ basic knowledge and self-discipline in the event that they will serve as officers in the future.
(4) Reinforcing students’ mental construction for social responsibility and career preparation.
list Specialized Courses
National Defense Policy
The Meaning of National Defense Technical Reserve System in this Age
Extreme Warfare
The Construction of the Armament System & the Development of National Defense Technical Industry
International Situation
Introspection of Warfare and Technology
Present Relationship between Mainland China and Taiwan
Professional Ethics & Industrial Principles
Technical Mobilization
The Trend of Development in National Defense Aviation Technology
How to face the war base on technology?
Future Force
Copyright & Intellectual Property Rights
Electronic Warfare & Information Warfare
Communication & Innovation Management
System Engineering of National Defense Technical Development
Technical Policy & Innovation Policy
Rockets & Missiles
Information Industry Development & National Defense Technical Requisition
Small Arm Engineering
The Trend of Development in the International Aviation Industry
Selected Readings
Applying the Potential of Technical Industry into National Defense (1)
Writing what has been learned
Applying the Potential of Technical Industry into National Defense (2)
National Technical Development & Forward Looking
Lecture on a Special Topic