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Research Project

■  NSC_related Affairs
The NSC's support for domestic sci-tech research primarily takes the form of grants for educational and research institutions to conduct research projects. Proposed research projects must pass through two stringent rounds of review; if approved, projects can receive financing from the Council for research personnel, equipment, books and information, consumable materials and overseas travel expenses.
(The above paragraph is excerpted from the NSC website: http://web.nsc.gov.tw/ )
The related affairs that WSC is entitled to perform are to assist the faculty in proposing their research projects, to supervise the funding-related procedure, to ensure that the related work is accomplished at every stage in the overall timeframe, and to conduct the results of researches and development. The applications and management of patents that are partly forms of the NSC research/development results are also our duties to implement.


■  National Defense Industrial Development Foundation


■  Industrial Technology Development Program